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Ultrasonic aniti-fouling equipment consists of ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, transmission cable and connection line, etc. According to the different installation methods, it can be divided into types of external setting and internal setting. Ultrasonic anti-scaling equipment uses ultrasonic cavitation, activation, shearing and inhibition effect to produce series of changes on fouling materials in the fluid, such as dispersion, crushing, loose and not easily to deposit on the pipe wall.

1) Cavitation effect: generate numberous tiny cavitation bubbles resulting in a certain range of strong pressure peak, not only make the scale materials suspend in the liquid medium, but also make the already formed scale layer break and fall off.

2) Activation effect: ultrasound can improve the activity of flowing fluids and fouling substances, damage conditions for fouling formation and deposition in the liquid, the fouling materials form dispersed deposition on the inner wall rather than hard scale.

3) Shearing effect: due to the different frequency response, ultrasound wave produce unsynchronized vibrations to the scale layer, pipe wall, and fluid, and the velocity difference of them lead to the relative shear force in the formation of fouling layer on the pipe wall.

4) Inhibition effect: ultrasound can change the physical and chemical properties of the bulk fluid, inhibit the nucleation and growth of water ion in the wall, and further to reduce the amount of fouling ions adhering to the surface of the heat exchanger.

01) Chemical industry: all kinds of heat exchangers, cooling tower, preheater, evaporator, boiler, circular water pipe, chemical reactor.

02) Boiler industry: industrial water/steam supply boilers, civil boilers.

03) Metallurgy & steel industry: middle frequency furnace, induction coil, dissolved silicon, reactor, condenser, dewaxing boiler, iron smelting blast furnace, baking furnace, industrial electric furnace, boiler, power pump.

04) Glauber salt manufacture: pipelines, evaporators for production of glauber salt.

05) Sugar enterprise: evaporators in sugar factory.

06) Industry of Salt Making: pipelines, evaporators for vacuum salt-making.

07) Paper industry: Pipelines, evaporators, boilers for extraction lignin from black liquor of straw pulping.

08) Sulphuric acid manufacture: high temperature heat exchanger for production of sulphuric acid.

09) Liquor-making industry: ethanol distillation towers, boilers, pipelines.

10) Heat & Power Plant: condensers, water supply and drainage system, boilers.

11) Oil industry: boilers, crude oil concentrated transport pipelines, water injection well concentrated transport pipelines, oil storage tanks.

12) Petrochemical industry: sulfur wastewater strippers, gathering pipelines, boilers.

13) Heat-supply industry: heat exchangers in thermal power plant, condensers, heating boilers, heaters in housing estate.

14) Power Plant: ash water pipes, water return pipes, ash pumps, water pumps, boilers, condensers, heat exchangers.

15) Textile & printing, dyeing industry: Workshop humidifiers, steam boilers, water jet looms, central air-conditioning system, heat exchangers.

16) Civil heat exchange equipment: kinds of boilers, central air conditioning, heat-exchange stations, etc.

1) Scale removal and scale prevention can run synchronously via ultrasonic technology.

2) Ultrasonic anti-fouling equipment features low power consumption and low operating cost.

3) Triple automatic protection such as over current, over voltage and over heat, safe and reliable.

4) User friendly design design and automated control system such as automatic frequency tracking, auto-monitoring system and protection alarm.

5) The whole process is cleaner and greener, no need any chemicals, that means no corrosion, no interference, no pollution, no radiation and no damage to operators and heat exchange equipment.

6) Prolong the service life of heat-exchange equipment and greatly avoid the losses caused by shutdowns, reduce the energy consumption by 30%.

Ultrasonic Frequency Transducer resistance Pulse Period Pulse Width Power Supply Ambient Temperature Relative Humidity
(KHZ) (MΩ) (MS) (MS) (V) (℃)
15~25 >1000 40~300 0.5~2.5 220±10% -30~+70 <85%
Each generator can drive maximum of eight transducers, the quantity should be based on specific applications.

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