• 10-head Ultrasonic Atomizing fogger
  • 10-head driving power
  • 6-head Ultrasonic Atomizing fogger
  • single-head Ultrasonic Atomizing fogger

Ultrasonic atomizers also known as ultrasonic atomizing foggers or ultrasonic mist makers, are the core components of ultrasonic humidifying equipment. The piezo transducers generate high-frequency vibrations in the water, and cause the water to turn into fog. Today we can find the ultrasonic atomizing applications in both industry or household humidifiers such as:

1)Agriculture : Planting of greenhouse, birds'nests production, humidification for edible mushrooms, vegetables and fruits, humidity control for hatcheries, animal husbandry and breeding.

2)Industry: Textile and printing industry, anti static for electronics manufacturing, humdification in tobacco industries, building materials industry, mining industry.

3)Commerce: Humidification for medical center, museums, cinemas, data centesr, office buildings, hotels. Fog effects in landscape and stage.

1) Ultrasonic atomizing foggers use 1.7MHZ piezo transducers, have the feature of small fog particle and high-efficiency humidifying effect.

2) Ultrasonic atomizers have long service life, atomization attenuation is very little after a long period of use.

3) Electroplated coatings can effectively protected from the corrosion of liquid, and keep good heat radiation effects.

4) The ultrasonic mist foggers use the waterproof design, have good sealing performance.

5) Water level switch is integrated within the ultrasonic foggers, with good sensibility.

6) Ultrasonic atomizers have multiple protecting circuit such as stabilized voltage protection, temperature protection, water shortage protection, etc. Safe and reliable to use.

Model Voltage Power Volume Size Frequency Remark
(V) (W) (ML/H) (MM) (KHZ)
YTW-2001 DC24 19 400 Φ45×35 1700±50 No light
YTW-2001D AC/DC24 16 350 Φ46×40 1700±50 12 light
YTW-2003D AC36 60 900 Φ68×55 1700±50 9 light
YTW-2005D AC36 150 1500 Φ99×55 1700±50 12 light
YTW-2006 AC36 150 1800 155×90×30 1700±50 No light
YTW-2010 AC36 300 3000 250×85×33 1700±50 No light
YTW-2006M DC36 200 4000 153×88×53 1700±50 No light
YTW-2010M DC48 300 7000 251×88×53 1700±50 No light