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  • stainless steel tubular sonicator
  • titanium alloy rod sonicator

Ultrasonic rod sonicators are mainly applied for traditional Chinese medicine extraction, cleaning of metal pipeline, on-line ultrasonic anti-scaling for boiler, vacuum / pressure ultrasonic cleaning, various pipeline ultrasonic chemical treatment, synthesis and degradation, biodiesel production, microbial treatment, agglomeration, cell crushing, etc. Typical applications include:

1)Fuel:Emulsification of fuel oil in water,to save fuel and reduce exhaust pollution.

2)Food:Emulsification of sugar in milk, butter emulsification for senior lactose, the raw material dispersion for sauce manufacturing.

3)Cosmetic:Wax emulsification, oil dispersion for production of detergent, shampoo, lotion.

4)Lubricant:Rolling oil emulsification, cooling of metal sheets rolling, emulsified liquid for lubrication.

5)Coating:Waterproof coating emulsification, waterproof additive emulsification,resin solution emulsification.

6)Chemical industry:Accelerate the rate of chemical reaction,Dispersion of fluorescent materials and photosensitive materials.

7)Medical industry:Extracting of traditional chinese medicine.

8)Environmental protection:sewerage system.

1) Energy generated around the rod transducer, uniformly distribute the ultrasonic field at 360° and along the whole length.

2) Output power is stable and uniform, not affected by the change of liquid level, tank capacity and temperature, etc.

3) Compare to stainless steel vibration box, the service life of titanium alloy rod sonicator is more than 1.5 times.

4) Ultrasonic sonicators are divided into hollow tubular design and solid rod design, easy to install and use.

5) Good sealing and waterproofing, safe use for various conditons such as high temperature, high pressure and high viscosity.

Model Power Frequency Length Power Supply Rod Diameter Rod Material
(W) (KHZ) (MM) (V, HZ) (MM)
YTSB-1000G 1000 26 460 220,50/60 73 Stainless steel
YTSB-2000G 2000 26 920 220,50/60 73 Stainless steel
YTSB-3000G 3000 26 1380 220,50/60 73 Stainless steel
YTSB-4000G 4000 26 1840 220,50/60 73 Stainless steel
YTSB-800S 800 20 420 220,50/60 50 Titanium alloy
YTSB-1200S 1200 20 490 220,50/60 50 Titanium alloy
YTSB-1800S 1800 20 490 220,50/60 50 Titanium alloy
YTSB-2400S 2400 20 490 220,50/60 50 Titanium alloy
YTSB-3200S 3200 20 456 220,50/60 55 Titanium alloy

Tubular sonicator(G): Non-acid liquid with lower temperature(below 40℃) and pressure(below 0.6mpa).

Ti Rod sonicator(S): Corrosive liquid with various high-temperature and high-pressure conditions.

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