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As an ultrasonic sonicator for lab use, ultrasonic cell disruptor consists of 3 major components: energy-gathered ultrasonic transducer, frequency-tracking ultrasonic genenrator and probe horn. Ultrasonic probe-type Sonicators provide very high ultrasonic amplitudes and cavitation intensities, at least 8 times more powerful and effective than ultrasonic baths.

Ultrasonic cell disruptors are widely used for small amount of liquid-liquid and liquid-solid treatment such as ultrasonic dispersion, ultrasonic homogenization, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic cell disruption, ultrasonic extraction and separation, ultrasonic sonochemistry, ultrasonic removal of air bubbles. Typical applications include:

1)Fuel:Emulsification of fuel oil in water,to save fuel and reduce exhaust pollution.

2)Food:Emulsification of sugar in milk, butter emulsification for senior lactose, the raw material dispersion for sauce manufacturing.

3)Cosmetic:Wax emulsification, oil dispersion for production of detergent, shampoo, lotion.

4)Lubricant:Rolling oil emulsification, cooling of metal sheets rolling, emulsified liquid for lubrication.

5)Coating:Waterproof coating emulsification, waterproof additive emulsification,resin solution emulsification.

6)Chemical industry:Accelerate the rate of chemical reaction,Dispersion of fluorescent materials and photosensitive materials.

7)Medical industry:Extracting of traditional chinese medicine.

8)Environmental protection:sewerage system.

1) Due to the sophisticated design, ultrasonic cell disruptors produce high-strength energy in liquid, proper for a broad range of applications.

2) Digtial display for frequency value, power percentage, running time, etc.

3) Ultrasonic cell crushers provide flexible time control system, operating time, interval time and running cycles are both can be set up.

4) Save the original setting value in case of power cuts, improve the working efficiency.

5) Titanium-alloy probes have a long service life, convenient for disassemble and replacement.

6) The transducers and horns can be designed and customized according to the specific application.

Model Power Frequency Volume Power Supply Probe Diameter Probe Meterial
(W) (KHZ) (L) (V, HZ) (MM)
YTS-800 800 20 >2 220,50/60 12 Titanium alloy
YTS-1200 1200 20 >2 220,50/60 18 Titanium alloy
YTS-2000 2000 20 >2 220,50/60 25 Titanium alloy
The datas above are only for reference, the ultrasonic cell disruptors can be customized based on requirements.

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