• ultrasonic homogenization,emulsion,disruption
  • Tubular Industrial Ultrasonic Homogenizers
  • Plate-type Industrial Ultrasonic Homogenizers

Based on ultrasonic cavitation, industrial ultrasonic homogenizers propagate intense ultrasound waves through the flowing liquid, and form the effects of emusification, homogenization, disruption, etc.

Industrial homogenizers are widely used for large amount of liquid-liquid and liquid-solid treatment such as ultrasonic dispersion, ultrasonic homogenization, ultrasonic emulsification, ultrasonic cell disruption, ultrasonic extraction and separation, ultrasonic sonochemistry, ultrasonic removal of air bubbles. Typical applications include:

1)Fuel:Emulsification of fuel oil in water,to save fuel and reduce exhaust pollution.

2)Food:Emulsification of sugar in milk, butter emulsification for senior lactose, the raw material dispersion for sauce manufacturing.

3)Cosmetic:Wax emulsification, oil dispersion for production of detergent, shampoo, lotion.

4)Lubricant:Rolling oil emulsification, cooling of metal sheets rolling, emulsified liquid for lubrication.

5)Coating:Waterproof coating emulsification, waterproof additive emulsification,resin solution emulsification.

6)Chemical industry:Accelerate the rate of chemical reaction,Dispersion of fluorescent materials and photosensitive materials.

7)Medical industry:Extracting of traditional chinese medicine.

8)Environmental protection:sewerage system.

1)Reasonable structure and convenient installation, multi-stage series is optional based on requirement.

2)Homogenization units generate strong ultrasonic cavitation effect for a wide range of applications.

3)Industrial homogenizers have simple control panel, convenient for observation and use.

4)Completely made of qulity stainless steel and titanium alloy probe, longer service life.

5)Advanced frequency tracking technology and perfect protection system, reliable operation.

1)Tubular homogenizer has high output power, can be up to several thousands of watt.

2)Over-current and over-voltage protection system to ensure the security of system.

3)Industrial ultrasonic homogenizer has fuctions of soft start and under-voltage protection.

4)Automatic frequency tracking to stabilize fluctuation of load impedance due to the change of condition.

5)Tubular ultrasonic homogenizer can keep constant power operation, with good results.

6)The generator has the advantages of small volume, light weight and high efficiency.

7)Reasonable structure, easy for ventilation and heat dissipation, reliable for continuous operation.

8)Modular design help to repair damaged units without affecting the operation of other units of the system.

1)The frequency of transducers ranges from 28khz to 60khz, good processing effect.

2)Convenient to link up ultrasonic homogenizer with other production line, suitable for both Intermittent and continuous operation.

3)Industrial homogenizers use separate control cabinet, easy for maintenance.

4)Made of quality stainless steel, more resistant to corrosion.

5)Ultrasonic generator has function of power control, overload warning, etc.

6)Integration design of homogenization, antiscale, filtration, multi-use of one machine.

7)Design of plate structure and inner support pipe, ultrasonic homogenizers can bear larger pressure.

1)Ultrasonic Power:2000W


3)Input Voltage:AC220V±10﹪ 50HZ

4)Generator Size:520×315×170mm

5)Flange:GB DN32 PN16 304

6)Spacing of flange end in horizontal direction:425mm

7)Spacing of flange end in vertical direction:165mm

8)Working environment:Temperature 0-50℃, relative humidity ≤85%

9)Working pressure in pipeline:≤0.6MPa

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