• track-type automated ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • passing-type automated ultrasonic cleaning machines
  • track-type automated ultrasonic cleaning system
  • automated ultrasonic cleaning machines with hydrocarbon solvent
  • Automatic Mechanical Arm Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

Automatic cleaning equipment use automatic control system for the whole cleaning process, the operation process is divided into several sections such as loading, rough cleaning, fine cleaning, spray rinsing, filtration and recycling system, temperature control heating system, hot air drying, unloading and others. There are several types of transmition mode including mechanical hand drive, caterpillar drive and chain drive, etc.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning lines are controlled by PLC program with the touch screen user interface, greatly improve the cleaning efficiency, widely used in many industrial applications such as auto parts, bearings, circuit board, hardware, instruments, precision parts, measuring and cutting tools, optical lens, LCD glasses, etc.

1)Simple and friendly operation interface, automatical control for cleaning time, solution temperature, motor speed, etc.

2)Automatic cleaning lines have circulating and filtering system, or recovery system for solvent cleaning, greatly reduce the consumption of cleaning solution.

3)PLC based electric control system ensure efficient and stable operation of cleaning equipment.

4)All the cleaning and drying procedures are automatically completed, save the labor cost and improve cleaning efficiency.

5)Ultrasonic cleaning equipment has completely enclosed structure, dust-proof and anti-corrosion, beautiful appearance.

6)Automatic cleaning machine has strong power and stable performance, multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning combine with spray and steam cleaning, significantly enhance cleaning effect.

1)Passing-type automated cleaning system:

Spray cleaning Ultrasonic rough cleaning Ultrasonic rinse cleaning Water shearing Hot-air drying

2)Track-type automated cleaning system:

Demagnetizing Ultrasonic cleaning Spray cleaning Water shearing Hot-air drying

3)Hydrocarbon automated cleaning system:

Degassing Ultrasonic cleaning Immersion Shake cleaning Steam cleaning Vacuum drying

4)Mechanical arm cleaning system:

Ultrasonic rough cleaning Ultrasonic rinse cleaning Water shearing anti-corrosion Drip dry

The cleaning procedures above are only for reference, we will confirm the configuration and cleaning solution based on specific requirement.

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