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  • Single-Tank  Cleaning Equipment
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Single-tank ultrasonic cleaning equipment is a kind of the common cleaning machine which is composed of an ultrasonic cleaning tank, an ultrasonic generator and control system, suitable for various objects to be cleaned such as electronic parts, plating, auto parts, optical lens, jewelry, glass, filter, spinneret, medical apparatus and instruments, etc

Due to the design of industrial grade, this kind of ultrasonic cleaning machines can be used for 24 hours continuous working, especially appropriate for large batch cleaning work. The industrial ultrasonic cleaners can be manufactured flexibly and offer customers a wide range of options for customization which are based on their different cleaning requirements of the parts.

1)Single-tank ultrasonic cleaners use high performance transducers and ultrasonic generators, have strong cleaning power and stable performance.

2)Available to use water-based solvent or organic solvent for cleaning.

3)Ultrasonic cleaning tanks are Made of quality stainless steel through stamping Ar-arc-welding, with smooth surface.

4)There are two main alternatives, integrated design or split design for generators and the cleaning tanks, with simple operation, excellent cleaning effect.

5)Automatic temperature control in the rang between 20 ℃ and 80 ℃.

6)Function of timing control for optimizing ultrasonic cleaning time based on customer's requirement.

7)Flexible customization such as structure of cleaning baskets, circulating and filtering system, automatic lifting devices, etc.

Model Power Frequency Tank Size Overall Size Power Supply Heat Power Direction
(W) (KHZ) (MM) (MM) (V, HZ) (W)
YTS-600 300~600 20~40 300*200*200 360*260*300 220,50/60 500
YTS-1000 600~1000 20~40 400*300*200 460*360*300 220,50/60 1000
YTS-1500 1000~1500 20~40 500*400*300 670*570*670 220,50/60 1500
YTS-2000 1600~2000 20~40 600*500*400 770*670*770 380,50/60 3000
YTS-4000 2600+1400 20~40 750*550*500 950*750*700 380,50/60 6000 ↑+←+→
YTS-5600 3600+2000 20~40 1000*550*560 1200*750*750 380,50/60 6000 ↑+←+→
YTS-7000 4600+2400 20~40 1200*600*600 1400*800*800 380,50/60 6000 ↑+←+→

The specification above is only for reference, other size or design can be customized based on requirements.

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