• Submersible ultrasonic cleaners
  • side mounted immersible transducers
  • Custmized Submersible Cleaners
  • bottom mounted immersible cleaners
  • flange mounted submersible transducers

Submersible ultrasonic cleaners, also known as submersible ultrasonic transducers, are consist of quality ultrasonic transducers, stainless steel boxes and ultrasonic generators. Cleaning boxes are frequently placed into the existing tanks or manufacturing cleaning process lines to creat new ultrasonic cleaning systems, the immersible ultrasonic transducers can be mounted on the sides, bottoms or tops of the parts cleaning tanks according to the specific precision cleaning requirement. The number of the immersible ultrasonic transducers is determined by the volume of liquid in the tank and size of the parts.

Submersible ultrasonic cleaners are appplied in a wide range of industies such as electronic parts, electroplating, auto parts, optical lenses, jewelry, glassware, filters, spinneret, medical equipment and so on.

1) Submersible ultrasonic cleaners consist of high performance transducers and ultrasonic generators, with strong cleaning power, stable performance.

2) Ultrasonic immersible transducers can be mounted into various tanks or existing systems to introduce ultrasonic precision cleaning.

3) Ultrasonic vibration plates are made of quality stainless steel, acid and alkali resistant.

4) High flexibility to mount on different positions for various cleaning requirements.

5) Split design of generators and vibration plates, easy to use and beneficial to maintenance.

6) In addition to industrial cleaning, immersible ultrasonic cleaners also can be used in a variety of liquid processing applications.

Model Power Frequency Dimension Power Supply
(W) (KHZ) (MM) (V, HZ)
YTSH-300 300 20~40 290*200*100 220,50/60
YTSH-600 600 20~40 355*270*100 220,50/60
YTSH-900 900 20~40 410*310*100 220,50/60
YTSH-1200 1200 20~40 500*400*100 220,50/60
YTSH-1500 1500 20~40 500*460*100 220,50/60
YTSH-1800 1800 20~40 650*400*100 220,50/60

In addition to the standard size, according to customer requirements.

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