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Ultrasonic detergents are specially formulated to enhance the ultrasonic activity in various ultrasonic cleaners. It is essential to form the effective cleaning solution in ultrasonic cleaning process, together with ultrasound cavitation effect, the dirts and oil such as antirust oil, lubricating oil, printing ink adhering to the surface of workpieces can be effectively removed.

We provide safe and aqueous ultrasonic cleaning chemicals to remove contaminants from a variety of cleaning objects such as printing rolls, metal, plastic, electrical parts, ceramics, glass parts, etc.

Model Introduction Package
YTX-2 Water-based powder cleaning detergents, oil cleaning for metal products. 1kg/bag
YTX-4 Water-based powder cleaning detergents, carbon cleaning for motors. 1kg/bag
YTX-6 Water-based powder cleaning detergents, flux cleaning for circuit board. 0.25kg/bag
YTX-8 Water-based liquid cleaning detergents, ink cleaning for anilox roller. 25kg/barrel

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