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Ultrasonic level sensors adopt high frequency ultrasound which is beyond the human hearing as measuring medium. We can calculate the distance or position through the travel time between sensor and object. Because of the reliability and accuracy, ultrasonic distance sensors can be widely used in wood, furniture industry, building materials and equipments, agricultural equipments and liquid level control.

YTC series ultrasonic level meters are the newest kind of products. They draw many advanced technology from home and abroad and realize high digital, communication between machine and human. The CPU applies import industry monolithic integrated circuit, digital temperature compensation and wide voltage input. You can select output mode of analog, switch or RS485 serial signal output. Owning the advantage that there is no need to contact the measured meter, our product could supply more precise and longer service life.

1) Work under not only DC 12 to 24V voltage, but also AC 220V voltage according to customer's needs.

2) Ultrasonic level sensors can manually backup and recovery default settings.

3) Difference value setting for measurement of material level and liquid level.

4) The weight of material in tank can be displayed via entering the value of specific gravity.

5) Optional AC1A/380V SSR or NPN output settings for material/liquid level control.

6) Optional analog, switching value, and RS485 output and free setting of output regulation.

7) Use PC serial output and related converters to connect with PC.

8) Optional increment/difference distance measurement to measure air space or liquid level.

9) Ultrasonic position meter can automatically turn off its display to save electricity.

10) 1-15 transmitted pulse intensity depending on working conditions.

11) Ultrasonic distance sensors can freely set up the full range of start and end point.

Type Standard(P) Corrosion Proof(F) Explosion Proof(E) 2 Wire
Range (M) 1 5/8/10 15 30 5/8/10 5/8 8
Zone (M) ﹤0.06 ﹤0.3 ﹤0.5 ﹤1 ﹤0.3 ﹤0.3 ﹤0.5
Precise (MM) ±1.5 ±15/24/30 ±45 ±90 ±15/24/30 ±15/24 ±24
Impedance (Ω) ﹤300 ﹤300 ﹤300 ﹤300 ﹤300 ﹤300 ﹤1000
DC (V) 12~24 12~24 12~24 12~36 12~24 12 9~32
Power (W) ﹤1.5 ﹤1.5 ﹤1.5 ﹤1.5 ﹤1.5 ﹤1.5 ﹤0.8
Tem. (℃) -10~60 -10~60 -10~60 -10~60 -10~60 Normal Normal
Pressure Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal Normal
Size (MM) Φ75×90 Φ75×110 Φ83×122 Φ110×150 Φ83×145 Φ75×110 Φ75×117
Install (MM) M30×1.5 M48×1.5 M64×1.5 M30×1.5 M65×1.5 M48×1.5 M48×1.5
Cable (M) 1.5 1.5 1.5 5 1.5 1.5 1.5
Remark 3 wire 3 wire 3 wire 3 wire 3 wire ExiaⅡBT4 Customized

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