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Ultrasonic generators also known as ultrasonic pcb generators or ultrasonic signal generators, are the devices that provide the electrical energy with high frequency and high voltage to drive the power ultrasonic transducers. According to different circuit design, ultrasound generators can be divided into two types: self-excitation generators and separate-excitation generators, widely used in many industrial fields such as cleaning, welding, drilling, polishing, homogenizing, etc.

1) Ultrasonic generators use the international advanced pulse driver.

2) Over-current protection, over temperature protection and short-circuit protection for the safe and reliable operation of the system.

3) Ultrasonic generators have the functions of soft start and under-voltage protection.

4) Automatic frequency tracking and scanning, power will be not affected by load change.

5) Stable operation under the constant power, suitable for continuous work.

6) Various power regulating methods such as silicon controlled, pulse, etc.

7) Ultrasonic generators are characterized by its small size, light weight, high efficiency and low cost.

Model Frequency Range Ultrasonic Power Input Power
(KHZ) (W) (V)
YTP-200Z 20~40 optional 200 AC220,AC110v
YTP-300Z 20~40 optional 300 AC220,AC110v
YTP-600T 20~40 optional 600 AC220,AC110v
YTP-1000T 20~40 optional 1000 AC220,AC110v
YTP-1500T 20~40 optional 1500 AC220,AC110v
YTP-1500TD 20~40 optional 1500 AC220,AC110v
YTP-2500T 20~40 optional 2500 AC220,AC110v
YTP-2500TD 20~40 optional 2500 AC220,AC110v
YTP-4000T 20~40 optional 4000 AC220,AC110v
YTP-4000TD 20~40 optional 4000 AC220,AC110v
YTP-1100TDS 20~120 adjustable 1100 AC220,AC110v

Z: Self excitation,T: Separate excitation ,D: Time,S: Multi frequency

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