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  • Anti-Static Copper Tinsel

Anti-Static tinsel offers a traditional and effective solution to many static problems where active electrical static eliminators cannot be justified. When positioned a few millimetres above the material, the fine copper filaments concentrate the electric field of the static charge until the air ionises, ionised air is conductive and allows the ion exchange which neutralises the charge. When the tinsel touches the material there is conduction of the charge to earth in addition to the ionisation. This increases the performance and is recommended wherever it is permitted for the tinsel to touch the material.

Typical applications for Anti-Static Tinsel include printing, textile, plastic films and anywhere there are moving webs and conveyors, especially in materials such as fabric or strip.

1)The effective, low-cost and low-maintenance solution for static electricity elimination, the highly conductive strands are interspersed to maximize effectiveness.

2)Anti-static copper tinsel is of high quality 99% copper construction, the copper wire ensure positive grounding and strength, resists breakage, matting and shedding.

3)Copper tinsel reduces high charges to a low level and can cope with fast speeds. A 90% reduction in charge is typical in many applications.

4)Flexible installation and suited to a wide range of web applications. Normally accomplished by securing the tinsel to a grounded part of the machine frame.




4)Breaking Strain:10kg