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Slitting air knife utilizes an integral design, has good rigidity and strength, quick position and stable slitting performance. Air slitting knives are used for roll materials processing such as slitting, edge trimming, wire drawing, indentation, etc. Approximately classified into two categories as below:

1)Crush slitting air knife: also called score slitting knife, generally used in slitting machines to crush the passing material between the knife and the hardened roll into two separate pieces. It is easy to install and cost saving. Through changing the special blades, it can realize various slitting effects such as serrated and laced shape, dotted line, non-through cutting for multi-layer materials, narrow width slitting. Crush air knives are widely used for continuous slitting applications including papers, plastic films, cloth & fabrics, foams, rubbers, etc.

2)Shear slitting air knife: In a rotary slitter system, the upper and bottom blades spin in opposite directions allowing a sheet of material to pass through the blades, and separate material into two pieces by shearing action. Generally shear air knives have properties of automatic stroke and side contact between top and bottom knife via air pressure, shear slitting system has advantages of smooth slit edge, high speed, less cutting dust and lower blade loss. Proper for papers, plastic films, metal films, cloth & fabrics, etc.

1)6110 standard type

Hardness roller is required for backing roll. Knife-holder is one body design, has excellent rigidity body for low speed slitting, various types of blades can be installed according to different demands, proper for low-speed slitting process for thinner materials such as rubbers, cloth & fabrics, papers, plastic films, etc.

2)6130 ultra-thin type

Designed for narrow width slitting process. Compare to standard type, the thickness of knifeholder become thinner, still it has the same slitting efficiency. This type of air knife applied in a broad range of low-speed slitting fields such as light rubbers, papers, cloths, plactic flims, etc.

3)6140 reinforced tye

Greatly improve enhance rigidity of knife holder and slitting ability, can meet the demands of both narrow slitting and heavy material slitting, perform stable strength to the ensure consistency of slitting quality, easy for hard and multi-layer materials.

4)6310 non-through type

Half cut for multi-layer materials. Via depth micro-control system, upper layer of materials are easy to cut off but keep the lower layer non-cut through. The knife use screw to adjust blade stroke and equip precision blades. Major applied in slitting for medical tapes, foam tapes and protection film.

5)6510 heavy type

Design of three cylinder and rigid knifeholder has excellent rigidity to perform slitting process with stable strength, the ensure consistency of slitting effects for high speed slitting conditions, proper for heavy materials such as rubber, sandpaper, roofing shingles, fiberglass and other multi-layered compound materials.

1)6410 standard type

As a cost-effective choice, automatic stroke and side contact between top and bottom knife, depth adjustment for blade overlap, cant angle adjustment and tool free for holder fixing system. Shear air knife is widely used in different materials such as light paper, plastic film, optic film, copper or aluminum foil, etc.

2)6425 ultra-thin type

Design for narrow slitting conditions. More flexible operate mode with its built-in twin air control valve for blade overlap and swing side close, not only reduce setting time but also increase blades lifetime, mostly used to slit thin materials such as papers, films, cloth & fabrics, metal films, etc.

3)6610 reinforced tye

Air shear knife has innovative design of automatic 2-stage action for stroke and contact between top and bottom knife, bottom holder can be reversed for different feeding direction and angle adjustment for top and bottom knife contact, provide stable to slitting ability for hard or thick materials or high speed slitting conditions, widely used in applications of paper, packing film, plastic film, non-woven, optic film, etc.

4)6850 heavy type

New modular design of rigdidity knifeholder is effective to reduces vibration at high speed. The knifeholder can easy and quick to separate bottom blade cartridge, safe to remove blade and change different side close direction. Besides, it has many other features such as simple cant angle, depth and position adjustment, very suitable for high speed slitting and heavy materials including papers, plastic films, rubbers, cloth & fabrics, metal films, etc.

Model Diameter Min. Slit Width Available Stroke Max. Slit Speed Max. Air Pressure
6110 76.20 10.00 15.00 100.00 6.00
6130 76.20 10.00 15.00 100.00 6.00
6140 76.20 19.00 15.00 200.00 10.00
6310 76.20 20.00 15.00 200.00 6.00
6510 150.00 30.00 15.00 300.00 6.00
Model Diameter Min. Slit Width Available Stroke Max. Slit Speed Max. Air Pressure
6410 90 40.00 15.00 600.00 6.00
6425 90 25.40 15.00 400.00 6.00
6610 150 40.00 25.00 1000.00 6.00
6850 150 50.00 25.00 1500.00 6.00

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