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Anti-static bar also known as static eliminator or ionising bar, emitters produce pulses of positive and negative ions and neutralize the electrostatic charges accumulated on the object when it pass through the ions zone. In effective range, Ions around the discharger attract the opposite charged ions of any statically charged products and reach the final aim of eliminating static electricity. The eleminators are broadly used in various industries such as printing, plastic film, packaging, medical, textile, chemical fiber, coating and conveyor belt, etc.

Static control system prvides fast and powerful static elimination performance in both short range and longer range. Generally our ioniser bars are classified as common type and intelligent type as below:

1)Common type:Integrated high voltage power supply. As a classic product, it has been used in thousands of machines. Model: 1250 series.

2)Intelligent type:Integrated high voltage power supply, adopt advanced DC pulse technology, intelligent induction quantity and polarity of static charge, automatic optimization and elimination, improve the ability of static elemination about 2-10 times. Model: 3024, NEOS, 3850 and 3100 series.

1)Anti-static bars have very fast static decay performance, up to 5 times more powerful than leading competitors.

2)Using intelligent ionisation technology, monitoring and feedback system constantly provide the optimization for operation.

3)Tungsten emitters maintain optimal performance, long service life. Replaceable if worn or broken.

4)Constant monitoring of condition provides a potential free signal to power a remote lamp or alarm.

5)Advanced long range static control system at distances up to 1.5m.

6)Unique double wall separation of positive and negative emitters to avoid recombination of ions and reduce maintenance.

7)All control and high voltage parts are in-bar and encapsulated for reliability and safety.

8)Emitters resistively coupled to the high voltage for shockless operation.

9)Fire retardant polymer body, reinforced for rigidity. Lengths from 600mm to 4020m, effective length is generally 150mm longer than overall length.

1)Ultimate static eliminator for machinery, with built-in 9KV high voltage generator. Separation of positive and negative ions to prevent mutual neutralization.

2)Fast and efficient ionisation, automatic detection and elimination, eliminate static from 20KV to 2KV, only need 0.3S.

3)Shockless, resistively coupled emitters made in tungsten for unlimited life, electric components are sealed by epoxy resin.

4)Available in two versions: 3024F(distances from 2cm to 10cm) and 3024L(distances from 10cm to 50cm).

5)LED indication for operational status of anti-static bars, manual examination is not required.

6)The "T" fixing bracket slides into the slot in the bottom of the bar, installation and maintenance is simple and convenient.

7)Integrated high voltage power supply, static eliminator requires only a low voltage 24V DC input.

8)Ionising bars are safety without electric shock.

1)Ionising bar uses advanced pulsed DC ionisation technology for static neutralisation at long distances without air assistance.

2)Static eliminator realizes the intelligent control according to static charge, operating distance and charge polarity.

3)There are two models available - 3850SC & 3850HP-SC.

4)Tungsten emitters with long service life, replaceable if damaged or worn.

5)Anti-static bar has been designed to optimise static neutralisation performance at distances between 0.2m and 1.5m. For 3850HP-SC, the best static elimination distance is between 0.2m and 0.75m.

6)Fully controllable output with lockable settings, powered by a 3700SC Ionstorm controller.

7)Unique, double-wall separation of the positive and negative polarities for reliability and low maintenance.

1)Ionising bars provide the most intense field of static neutralisation, The performance of static elimination is increased by 30%.

2)Quickly neutralize a large amount of static charge, the speed up to 2 times than similar products.

3)Operating distances of up to 15 cm, best distance 2-10 cm.

4)Design of sharing power supply, one power unit can drive two or four anti-static bars.

5)Stay-sharp etched emitters for better long term performance.

6)All electronic components are fully encapsulated for maximum reliability, washable and easy to clean.

7)Resistance coupling design ensures that static eliminator is safety without electric shock.

8)Hi-Flex 30 kV screened cable to prevent electromagnetic induction interference.

9)The length of anti-static bar can be customized from 100 mm to 6000 mm.

1)12-30KV supply integrated into anti-static bar, very fast static elimination, up to 10 times more powerful than common products.

2)The latest in advanced electrostatics, powerful and efficient ionising bar, available in high-voltage applications.

3)Replaceable emitters made in tungsten for long operating life. for long life.

4)Intelligence ionising bar has two automatic and three manual settings to give the operator complete control.

5)24 V DC supply, shockless, resistively coupled and fully encapsulated.

6)Auto remote and local monitoring of operation, The measurement signal automatically adjusts the ionisation balance and frequency to give optimal static neutralisation across a range of distances and static charge levels.

7)100% coverage, effective length is overall length, no dead zone.

8)Available in 3 versions for different working ranges: NEOS12, NEOS20, NEOS30.