• Grey round dot silicone tapes
  • Black diamond silicone tapes
  • Grey Smooth silicone coverings
  • Silicone Roller Coverings

Silicone tapes, also known as anti-adhesive tapes, are coated with embossed silicone rubber surface, suitable for covering rolls in web processing applications in order to provide anti-slip or anti-adhesive surfaces such as build-up of adhesive, ink and other deposit on web transport rollers. Typical applications include coating machines, printing machines, slitting machines, various tape machines, baby diaper machines, label machines, etc.

1)One side of anti-adhesive tape is glued on the roller, the other side is coated with silicone rubber with low surface energy.

2)Resistant to adhesive materials and offers reliable "grip" due to its high coefficient of friction.

3)Silicone tapes have properties of high temperature resistance and solvent resistance, as a replacement of TESA4863 and TESA4563.

4)Easy for mounting and use, no need to change rolls and greatly improve production efficiency.

5)Silicone coverings coated with embossed diamond surface have better anti-adhesive effect.

1)Size:length 25.00m x width 50.00mm x thickness 0.80mm

2)Coating:silicone rubber

3)Colour:grey / black

4)Appearance:embossed round dot / embossed diamond / smooth surface

5)Heat resistance:max. 80 °C(beyond this temperature need to be customized)

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