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As the core part of flexo-printing equipment, composite machine and offset machine, anilox roller is a key predictor for quality of printing & coating. Anilox roller cleaner makes it possible to keep your anilox rolls completely clean at all times, ensure a constant and high print quality and a long serve life of the anilox rolls.

Through the method of ultrasonics, anilox roll cleaner can clean out dried ink, coatings, and adhesives from their printing and coating rolls. Ultrasonic bubbles can reach the depth of the roller and clears any residues of the ink or liquid from the holes, cervices, internal chambers which is nearly impossible to be cleaned efficiently with any other device.

1) Anilox roller cleaner is a most cost-effective cleaning equipment. The detergent is mixed with water base which does a good job in cleaning with low cost.

2) The cleaning tank is made of quality stainless steel which is acid and alkali resistant, beautiful and durable. The cleaning machine is equipped with a cover which can reduce the noise.

3) The heating method of cleaning fluid is electric heating, the cleaner has an automatic constant temperature system, adjustable from 30 to 80 ℃.

4) The type of start is pre-start-up. Timing control is approx. 30 - 60min in advance according to different anilox rollers to achieve the optimal cleaning effect.

5) Anilox roll cleaners use high Q-value and high frequency transduces, effectively penetrate the mesh hole and peel off dirt from roller, and avoid damage to the printing roller.

6) Frequency-sweep technique used in generator greatly improve the ultrasonic cleaning capacity and extend the service life of the transducers.

7) Rubber tire package wheels are driven by a variable-speed motor. One end of the supporting seat is fixed for transmission, and the other end can be adjusted in length and height. So the cleaner is suitable for anilox rollers in different size.

Model Power Frequency Heater Tank Size Length of Rolls
(W) (KHZ) (W) (MM) (MM)
YTS-300 300 40 1000 455*180*150 One roll, 200mm
YTS-900 900 40 1000 630*180*160 One roll, 450mm
YTS-1500 1500 40 1000 630*300*160 Two rolls, 450mm
YTS-1500 1500 40 1000 980*200*180 One roll, 800mm
YTS-1800 1800 40 2000 1180*200*180 One roll, 1000mm
YTS-2100 2100 40 2000 1700*200*180 One roll, 1500mm
YTS-2700 2700 40 2000 2200*300*200 One roll, 2000mm

The data above is only for reference, actual manufacture should be based on the specification of rolls.

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