• h1000 YASKAWA inverters
  • a1000 YASKAWA inverters
  • v1000 YASKAWA inverters
  • j1000 YASKAWA inverters

Inverter drive is a type of adjustable-speed drive used in electro-mechanical drive systems to control AC motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. Variable frequency drive converts the incoming electrical supply of fixed frequency and voltage into a variable frequency and variable voltage that is output to the motor with a corresponding change in the motor speed and torque. The functions include soft start of AC motor, variable frequency speed regulation, improvement of running accuracy and power factor, overcurrent / overvoltage / overload protection, etc, widely applied in the fields of industry automation.

YASKAWA inverters represents high performance, high reliability and high security. As the one of the world's famous inverter drive, has already been widely recognized for its excellent control performance and product quality, mainly series products include H1000, A1000, V1000, J1000, etc.


As a replacement of G7, features high output, convenient use and environmental protection. Comply with safety standards, high reliability. YASKAWA inverters are widely used in lifting machinery, fluid machinery, metal processing machinery, handling machinery, etc.


Motor drive performance leading the pack, the drive for a greener world, Transforming the application installation with unparalleled performance, widely used in lifting machinery, fluid machinery, metal processing machinery, handling machinery, etc.


Compact vector control drive, Yaskawa Inverters offer solutions customized for your application in an incredibly compact, technologically advanced, environmentally responsible package capable of driving a synchronous motor. From setup to maintenance, V1000 makes life easy. Top performance for its class. Loaded with functions and features in an unbelievably small package. YASKAWA frequency converters are broadly applied in mining, steel, machine tools, automotive, packaging, woodworking, textiles semiconductors, etc.


Fully equipped with user and environmentally-friendly functions. Ensuring stable operation. True reliability and top quality assurance. Wide range of options available. This type YASKAWA inverters are widely used in compact fan, compact pumps including feed and hydraulic pumps, compact transport equipment including the conveyor, auto shutter / automatic door, food & beverage machinery, agricultural machinery, health Equipment, compact elevating device, rotator machine including the agitator, centrifuge, and polishing machine.

Model Input Voltage & Power Range
H1000 200V:0.4~110kW
A1000 200V:0.4~110kW
V1000 Single-phase 200V:0.1~5.5KW
Three-phase 200V:0.1~18.5KW
Three-phase 400V:0.2~18.5KW
J1000 Single-phase 100V:0.1~1.1kW
Single-phase 200V:0.1~2.2kW
Three-phase 200V:0.1~5.5kW
Three-phase 400V:0.2~5.5kW

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