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  • rubber cork tapes
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Cork rubber tapes are a kind of roller coverings made up of cork and rubber materials, rubber cork coverings are designed for roller wrapping and usded to increases the friction between the roller and the web-based materials during the operation of equipment, so as to prevent scratch on films, paper, textiles, and others. Self-adhesive cork tapes are a good roller coating in packaging and printing industries, typical applications include film-coating machines, rewinders, slitting machines, printing machines, etc.

1)Cork rubber tapes can stand wear and tear, prevent damage to materials.

2)Decrease the skid and tension on the material and increase strength and stability.

3)Lower cost and easy to use, coated with pressure-sensitive glue to firmly cover around the surface of the roller.

4)Rubber cork coverings can be mounted on line, greatly increase production efficiency.

1)Size:length 76.00m/100.00m x width 50.00mm x thickness 1.60mm

2)Coating:cork and rubber

3)Colour:black / yellow

4)Appearance:rough surface

5)Heat resistance:max. 90 °C

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