• 316P portable stroboscope
  • 316N rechargeable stroboscope
  • 680 2-lamp stroboscope
  • 680 3-lamp stroboscope
  • Germany Xenon Flash Lamp

A stroboscope also referred to as a strobe, is an instrument that uses a flash lamp driven by an oscillator. Usually the rate of the stroboscope is adjustable to different frequencies. When the flash rate of the stroboscope matches the rotational rate of the target, each flash illuminates the target at the same position in its rotational cycle creating the perception that the object is stationary. Strobe is based on this principle to serve as an inspection device for rotational machinery while in high-speed motion.

Basically they can be divided into two classes: LED strobes and xenon strobes. The LED strobe light has advantages of light wight, long life and high frequency i.e. more than 200hz. The Xenon-based strobe light has advantages of high flash brightness, and proper for the lower frequency applications i.e. less than 200khz.

The flash tubes of our stroboscopes are imported from German, high brightness, stable performance and long service life. In addition to the regular models, we can also customize various kinds of strobes according to special requests from clients. Our product applications include military industry, aerospace industry, steel industry, printing and packaging industry, textile industry, paper industry, shipbuilding, automotive industry, tire inspection, motor test, metrology, product development, etc.

1)316P portable stroboscope

External trigger mode for automatic graphic tracking, imported rotary encoder for accurate and simple frequency adjustment, flexibly used in various positions of production line.

2)316N rechargeable stroboscope

Built-in high-quality NiMH batteries(2500mA/12V), equipping with intelligent charging circuit and two sets of special device to protect your batteries from overcharge. The imported rotary encoder can regulate the frequency accurately and quickly.

3)580D economic stroboscope

Use buttons for frequency adjustment, highly cost-effective solutions for various measurement and inspection.

4)680 multi-fixed stroboscope

Fixed on packaging or printing equipment and others for continuous work, automitic tracking via a photoelectric sensor, ultra bright flashes for maximum clarity. Available in single lamp or multi lamp group based on the width space.

Model Overall Size Max. Power Internal Trigger Frequency External Trigger Frequency Pulse Signal Light Intensity Power Supply
(MM) (W) (RPM) (RPM) (V) (LX) (V)
316P 215*120*120 40W 60~20000 1~99999 5~12 <10000 AC220
316N 235*120*120 40W 60~20000 -- -- <10000 DC15
580D 215*120*120 40W 60~3600 -- -- <10000 AC220
680-1 260*160*165 100W 60~20000 1~99999 5~12 <10000 AC220
680-2 500*160*165 100W 60~20000 1~99999 5~12 <10000 AC220
680-3 600*160*165 100W 60~20000 1~99999 5~12 <10000 AC220
680-4 1000*160*165 100W 60~20000 1~99999 5~12 <10000 AC220

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