Applications of Silicone Roller Coverings

Silicone Roller Covering

Anti-adhesion tape is coated with embossed silicone rubber whcih can effectively prevent build-up of adhesive, ink or other deposit on web transport rollers. It has corresponding thicknessm, and the whole material has excellent anti-slip or anti-adherent performance, that means even if the surface is damaged by friction, the rest of silicone material can also work well. The silicon tapes are coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back of the fabric, easy use for covering rolls in various web processing.

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How to Choose Your Best Slitter Blades

Slitter Blade

The choice of slitter blades is the result of company values, using imported blades or China-made blades, tungsten carbide blades or ordinary carbon steel blades, directly reflect the manufacturer's understanding of cutting quality, cost control and performance price ratio. At Present, slitter blades made of high speed steels have been universal in europe market, and the carbide blades also cover a considerable market share.

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